Spartan Apparel

One BREAD project often leads to others. And in the case of Spartan, we were eventually pulled in on everything from creating an interactive online course to designing a capsule collection of upscale Spartan apparel for the new four-walled gym.

A woman in black shirt holding her arm up.

Anyone who is part of the Spartan community, as a race participant, spectator or pro athlete, is proud to wear Spartan.

Once the Spartan gym was built, Spartan needed a line of technical wear that was as innovative as their new space. BREAD designed a tight, focused collection for men and women utilizing performance fabrics and timeless design.

A book with pictures and instructions on how to make clothes.
A series of different bras and underwear. A series of images showing how to wear different types of clothing.
A series of images showing different types of clothing. A bunch of different types of backpacks and bags

Wearing Spartan is a badge of honor. We developed a collection worthy of its participants.

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