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A daily email with 35,000 committed subscribers, Milkshake features all that’s good in the world. The platform is the brainchild of Bread co-founder, Amy Jurkowitz, and is based on the principle that good news, good deeds and good people deserve to be recognized. Today the platform celebrates acts of goodness all over the globe, no matter how big or small the impact. 

Shaking Up The World!

Everyone loves good news, just like everyone loves a good milkshake. We design, write and curate fresh content, bringing awareness to small acts of heroism and entrepreneurship everywhere.

The Milkshake subscriber base grew virally and through targeted paid initiatives.

Partnerships, barter agreements and influencer campaigns were created to reach our diverse target market. Our barter agreements amongst other like-minded daily emails, blogs, influencers started small, but as we grew our audience and power to influence thousands of people grew as well.

High school and college campus programs helped raise awareness and build community.

The campus programs were win-win for both students and milkshake. The student ambassadors gained valuable experience in creating programming and attracting subscribers and milkshake gained access to young influencers who care about making the world a better place.

We designed and produced sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and socks to raise funds and support multiple causes.

Vision + Project Management Services

Business Plan Development

Strategy and Outreach

Financial Planning

Brand Development

Content Creation Subscriber Acquisition Model

Sales Force Creation

Partnership and Barter Deals

Merchandise Development

Public Relations and Marketing


Bread Ventures is the majority equity owner of Milkshake.

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