Inn Town Suites

InTown Suites was a tired chain of value-priced extended stay properties that was ready for a reboot. BREAD was brought on by the CEO of a real estate company that had recently acquired the collection of assets. He aspired to breathe new life into the stagnant brand, to refresh it both visually and emotionally.

After interviewing the hotel’s target guests, we suggested a simple shift to the name, adding an “n” to In. “Inn Town” felt cozier; more like a home than a location.

We created a new fresh logo and chose a bird as the icon, symbolizing both a place to nest, and offering the freedom to explore.


We then assembled a team of interior architects to value engineer a facelift for the existing properties, carefully balancing the needs of the consumer with the design goals of our client.

The Inn Town guest wanted value. Our client wanted it delivered with style.

We became intimate with the guest experience, interviewing GMs, residents, and staff workers to make sure we focused on the details that mattered most.

Vision + Project Management Services

Brand Refresh
Re-Positioning Strategy
Graphic Identity Re-Design
Led the Room Re-Design initiative
Creative Way Finding Strategies

Today Inn Town Suites has 188 locations, welcoming extended stay customers home in 22 states nationwide.

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