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Napa Valley Reserve

Each member of the exclusive Napa Valley Reserve is invited to name his wine and design his label, making his bottles a personal statement. Our NVR client knew he wanted his first vintage to capture the spirit of his favorite spot…a remote beach cottage in Nantucket, MA.

A vineyard with many rows of vines in the foreground.

We worked with the owner to tell his family’s summer story in an intimate way. Our creative process was inspired by countless photos of the home and the memories it evoked, as related to us by his wife and children.

A couple of pictures with the words
A set of eight bottles with different labels.

We told a story of family traditions, quiet times, and endless beach walks.

A living room with a couch, table and chairs.

There were so many design directions we could have taken…

but they’ll just have to wait for other vintages, other clients, other inspirations.

A black and white photo of two different pages.

Vision + Project Management Services

Name Generation
Creative Direction
Copy Writing
Graphic Design
Production Supervision

A wooden gate with signs on it and plants growing over the top.

Bread Ventures is an investor in Napa Valley Reserve.

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