Grass R(x)oots

Developed by a physician and a concerned mom, Grass Rxoots is a fun, healthy eatery on a serious mission. The founders engaged BREAD to help create unique branding for a grab + go juice and food company with strong community involvement.

BREAD was challenged with inventing a brand that would at once communicate serious nutrition… while giving off a fun fresh vibe.

Every juice announced their attributes in a memorable way…“Five Mile Run,” increased stamina…“Lovely Bones,” was rich in calcium and vitamin D…“Natural High” energized. 

Everyone calls the store “Grass Roots,” but the “x” in Rxoots speaks to the involvement of an MD in creating evidence-based wellness recipes.

Vision + Project Management Services

Strategy + Positioning
Graphic Identity
Product Development
Interior Design Consulting
Product Development

Grass Rxoots opened in Old Greenwich, CT and quickly became a fan favorite among serious juicers and casual health nuts alike!

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