Grant Orthodontics

A chance meeting at LAX airport between Bread Ventures co-founder Amy Jurkowitz and Dr Lisa Grant led to a collaboration to re-brand and re-imagine Lisa’s orthodontist practice.

A bunch of different colored circles with faces

Lisa Grant expressed a desire to go big and bold with her branding.

She wanted to stand out from other orthodontists in both look and feel. First up was a nuanced name change from Lisa Grant Orthodontics to Grant Orthodontics. Right off the bat the practice felt more expansive. Then came writing a tag line that would express the spirit of Grant Ortho. “We Go The Extra Smile!”

BV Inspiration Mood Board:

A collage of various books and magazines.

Next came designing a new look with bright, electric colors, creating a modern fresh tone.

Once approved, we translated the feel into a logo…then collateral…signage…interiors…merchandise and finally a website that would bring it all home.

A brochure with a bunch of different colored circles
A collage of different items including a mug, hat and sweater.

Vision + Project Management Services

Name Generation

Tagline Communication

Brand Story

Brand Development

Logo, Icon, Standards

Emails, Postcards, Poster, Signage development

Website Design



A series of business cards, envelopes and stickers.

We loved working with Dr Lisa, a founder willing to think differently in a traditionally conservative space!

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