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Cisco & Blake

The story of Cisco + Blake starts with two creative guys in a small Bedford, NY kitchen making artisanal sauces and canned goods for family and friends.

A group of jars filled with different kinds of food.
A book with pictures of fruits and vegetables on it. A close up of two pages from a book

When the partners of Bread Ventures met Farmer Michael and Designer Brian, the guys had no intention starting an applesauce business.

They simply made harvest sauces for their friends. For our team, however, it was love at first bite! We were so impressed with their authentic passion for home grown seasonal cooking and their creativity in the kitchen that we suggested a joint venture.

A bunch of apples that are on the ground

Cisco + Blake sauces are “jarringly different”

….with unexpected ingredients like bourbon infused cherries, pineapple mint and rum soaked vanilla. Our flavor profiles make applesauce chunky, bumpy and new again!

A bowl of apples and other fruit with jars of jam.

Vision + Project Management Services

Business Plan Creation

Concept + Brand Development

Name Generation

Logo + Icon Design

Co-Packer + Ingredient Sourcing

Sales + Marketing

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Bread Ventures is an equity investor and creative partner in Cisco & Blake.

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