Spartan Gym

The 1 Hotel in South Beach was looking for a concept worthy of its new huge gym space. Spartan had a unique outdoor obstacle race model but had never considered an indoor training facility.
BREAD saw the potential for a win-win; a shared ethos and aesthetic that would serve as template for future Spartan + 1 Hotel collaborations.

A group of people climbing up the side of a wall.

Bread introduced Spartan founder Joe DeSena to 1 Hotel visionary Barry Sternlicht.

The admiration and respect between the two powerhouses was instantaneous. BREAD presented a pitch book dimensionalizing strong synergies across the brands; it was quickly approved. We rallied to source a project architect who shared the two founders’ passion for sustainable initiatives, created the programming direction and assembled a forward-thinking management team.

A red banner with the word A business card for a gym

We envisioned a place where you could swing, climb, leap and glide from one end of a gym to the other, never touching the ground.

A map of the floor plan for a building.
A woman is on some ropes in an indoor gym.
A man is doing a trick in the air

The Spartan Gym at the 1 Hotel in Miami was groundbreaking! Spartan competitors now had a place to train in a four walled space specifically designed to mimic the obstacles of a real course.

Three different women 's shirts with spartan gym on them.

Vision + Project Management Services

Assigned Project Architects:  Gray Organschi, New Haven CT
Aligned Brand Missions + Established Goals
Brainstormed concepts for New offerings + Classes
Created Messaging, Collaboration + Design
Developed a Cohesive Brand Identity across all Touchpoints
Designed Merchandise + Apparel

A group of people climbing up the side of a wall.

“This new gym will set the bar for Spartan training, allowing guests to fully explore and reach their fitness potential.” Curbed, Miami

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