Based in Charlotte, NC, Abundant Power was in the technology business, but no one knew it. The team used innovative data analytics to anticipate and remedy comfort and functional building issues, but their name sounded like an energy provider.

Evaluating the consumer face of competitors, we knew Pointguard needed distinctive branding and clear communication to set itself apart.

Owner Shannon Smith asked for the almost impossible…a tag line that would be the “Just Do It” of building analytics. He was delighted when we offered him his category, trust, and deliverable in two simple words….


“Building Confidence.”

BREAD chose a colorway that was not represented in building analytics, and graphics that would say “fresh, accessible, forward thinking.”

Vision + Project Management Services

Name Generation

Tagline Communication

Brand Story

Brand Development

Logo, Icon, Standards

Emails, Postcards, Poster, Signage development



This September, Abundant Power made made its relaunch debut as “Pointguard” at CRETech NYC…opening to rave reviews!

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