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Frankie’s Flatbread

With innovative plant-based food options posting double digit growth, holistic chef + nutritionist Ky Keenan was committed to making plant based eating the “new normal.” So, in 2018, we began a partnership to help her brand and launch Frankie’s, a fast casual, multi-channel plant based, sustainable nutrient dense food company. Today her first food truck is on the road, feeding fans and telling her story in a fresh and compelling way.

A logo of frankie 's food in the nude

Bread Ventures partnered with Ky and her operating partner, Max Crespo, founder of Neapolitan Express Pizza. Together we developed a brand that represents Ky’s core values, ethos and personal style.

A pink background with some words and food A pink and blue knife and fork on black background.

Choosing a name that represented the intentions of the business was our first challenge.

Ky spoke often of her mission to make the world a better place for her daughter “Frankie” (nee Francesca) and the billion other people who live on the planet.
And so we looked no further…as the perfect name was right in front of us. “Frankie’s” not only embodies Ky’s motivation for opening the business but harkens back to Francis, the Patron Saint of the Harvest.

A mobile food truck was the channel for launch. It enabled Frankie’s to test the concept in different markets and audiences.
Bread branded the truck with poppy icons and provocative words to make the message relevant and memorable.

A woman standing next to a food truck.

Vision + Project Management Services

Strategic Direction
Name Generation
Communication Development
Brand Identity and Development

Menu Design

Investor Deck – copywriting, design, production

A close up of the menu with a red and blue carrot

The message is clear…a quick signal to foodies and vegans alike! Something special
is happening at Frankies.

A series of three posters with different designs.

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