Hard Seltzer

Crafty Fox

Bread Ventures was brought on to create a new hard seltzer brand for a brewery on the West Coast. We developed seven different concepts each with a unique name, story, social mission, and place in the market. While everyone had a different favorite, the founders of Bread were partial to Crafty Fox!

A man in a hat and coat sitting on a couch.

Hard Seltzer is booming. Customers are craving new flavors and brands. Carving out a niche in the marketplace wasn’t our challenge, deciding which concept to go with was!

A man with a beard and hat on.
A person with a backpack looking at the mountains.
A collage of beer cans and bottles with the words
A man is writing on paper with a pen.
A white cover of the book crafty fox

Vision & Creative Services

Competitive Market Analysis

Concept Ideation

Name and Tagline Generation

Communication Development


Working with designer Jim Kennelly on concept development was a dream. We look forward to building out the brand, its aesthetic, and its communication.

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