Change Bakers

Change Bakers, a social mission brand conceived by Bread founders, is a lifestyle company supporting bold ideas and extraordinary leaders through food, community and purpose.

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Here at Bread Ventures, we’ve got a passion for movers and shakers, disrupters and change makers.

As changemakers ourselves we want to support their audacious efforts. So, we are rolling up our sleeves and firing up our ovens, seeding change with our new line of seed crackers.

A poster with a picture of a boat and sea salt. A picture of an information sheet about the food label.

Launching with healthy, nutrient-dense seed crackers in Sea Salt and Sweet Cinnamon flavors, our toasty crackers are organic, gluten free, nut free, fat free, and paleo with 6g fiber and 4g protein.

A close up of some nuts and seeds on top of rice

Vision & Project Management Services

New Concept Development

Product and Recipe Development

Strategic Direction

Brand Identity and Development

Business Plan Creation

Concept + Brand Development

Co-Packer + Ingredient Sourcing

Sales + Marketing


It’s that easy. We bake. You eat. The world is a bit (a bite!) better.

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