Advanced Grow Labs

Based in Connecticut, Advanced Grow Labs produces cannabis plants and products for the medical industry. While the company stands for quality and safety, their branding and site did not inspire confidence. BREAD presented the AGL team with updated branding and a new communication system to help consumers understand the benefits and usage of the various strains and strengths.

Packaging was a key consideration in the design of AGL’s offerings, as the labels needed to include an abundance of required legal information, branding and communication. Flexibility was essential as sublinguals, vapes, topicals and edibles all differ in size and legal language.

Although the market AGL serves is pharmaceutical, branding and imagery is critical to selling in the competitive cannabis landscape.

Our challenge was to design labels and merchandise that would appeal to consumers and encourage brand pride and loyalty.

Vision + Creative Services

Category + Market Research

Brand Identity Development: Logo, Icon, Pattern, Typography

Ideate Distinctive Packaging Options

Label Communications + Design

Advanced Grow Labs continues to dominate the New England cannabis market and has been awarded the right to expand its reach into Massachusetts.

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